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39,75 EUR*
Details Bahco - 9528-MD-15 bis 45 Bit Expansive 15-45mm - BAH9528MDS

- Fähig Bohren eine breite Palette von Größen flaches Loch im Holz. Die MD-Serie haben runde Schäfte und eignen sich für den Einsatz mit Elektrowerkzeugen. Die anderen sind für die Verwendung mit einem traditionellen Handbohrwinde. aus einem ...

88,44 EUR*
Details Leinwand-Bild 60 x 60 cm: "Modern house interior, expansive house architecture", Bild auf Leinwand

Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Leinwand in Top-Qualität- hochwertiger Leinwanddruck auf Canvas- verschiedene Formate möglich- echte Fineart-Qualität- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- aufgezogen auf einen stabilen Holzkeilrahmen- mit Aufhängung geliefert ...

62,37 EUR*
Details Poster-Bild 90 x 80 cm: "Modern house interior, expansive house architecture", Bild auf Poster

Druck Ihres ausgewählten Motives auf Poster!- brillanter Fotodruck- verschiedene Formate möglich- 200 g/m² Premium-Papier- einfach an die Wand hängen, kleben oder einrahmen- Lieferung ohne Wandbefestigung- Einsatz für den Innenbereich- sicherer ...

41,26 EUR*
Details Alu-Dibond-Bild 30 x 30 cm: "Modern house interior, expansive house architecture", Bild auf Alu-Dibond

Lassen Sie sich verzaubern! Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Alu-Dibond gedruckt für Ihr Zuhause.- 3 mm starkes Alu-Dibond- verschiedene Formate möglich- UV-Druck direkt auf das Material- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- Einsatz für den Innen- und ...

6,37 EUR*
Details Sunburst Ep

.Label: Warp.Published: 2010/As Rustie's most expansive piece of work to date, Sunburst EP is pretty self-ex

16,76 EUR*
Details Equilateral

Equilateral is a concise book motivated by an expansive idea: contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. It's the late nineteenth century, and British astronomer Sanford Thayer has won international funding for his scheme to excavate an equilateral ...

110,59 EUR*
Details Pistole PU-Schaum stabil im Topf fixiert

Bizline 710383: PU-Schaum Pistole speziell entworfene expansive.Pistolets für die Patronen bi-Komponenten-Technik: intumescente.Détails die Nadel: ...

144,99 EUR*
Details Geotechnical Engineering Handbook

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference to geotechnical engineering for civil engineers available. This one-of-a-kind, definitive reference offers expansive coverage of the latest techniques, methods, applications, and theories in ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Sunflower / Surf's Up

BEACH BOYS Sunflower/Surfs Up (2000 US Capitol 22-track digitally remastered CD album featuring two albums on one disc - the 12-track Sunflower album and 10-track Surfs Up expansive picture sleeve booklet includes lyrics photographs and notes about ...

13,64 EUR*
Details The Turkish Lover: A Memoir (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)

The Turkish Lover Esmeralda's relationship with "the Turk" is told with expansive humanity, earthy humor, and psychological courage. Full description

17,21 EUR*
Details Stealing Benefacio's Roses

Stealing Benefacio's Roses Following the acclaimed "Secrets of the Talking Jaguar" and "Long Life, Honey in the Heart," this is an expansive, lyrical novel in the tradition of indigenous oral storytelling. Based on the author's many years of living in ...

56,66 EUR*
Details Data Architecture: From Zen to Reality

Data Architecture Data is an expensive and expansive asset. Information capture has forced storage capacity from megabytes to terabytes, exabytes and, pretty soon, zetabytes of data. This title explains the principles underlying data architecture, how ...

12,03 EUR*
Details Seven Notebooks: Poems

An ant to the starsor stars to the ant--which ismore irrelevant?Weekend Jet Skiers--rude to call them idiots, yes, but facts are facts.Clamor of seabirdsas the sun falls--I look upand ten years have passed."--from "Dawn Notebook"Such is the expansive ...

199,84 EUR*
Details SoundMAGIC HP200 offener Over-Ear Kopfhörer - Schwarz

SoundMAGIC's HP200 headphones present high fidelity listening in a well built construction for everyday audiophile listening. With natural sound, wide soundstage and excellent detail resolution the HP200 delivers an expansive soundstage that will ...

19,54 EUR*
Details Lifelike Drawing with Lee Hammond

Lifelike Drawing with Lee Hammond You can draw anything - flowers, people animals, even water and glass with this expansive, in-depth drawing bible, by veteran artist and instructor Lee Hammond. Learn to draw realistically the easy way using reference ...

68,95 EUR*
Details Unternehmensmitbestimmung in der kapitalistischen Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien (Schriften zum Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht)

Nach ihrer Zulassung durch den BGH im Jahre 1997 stellt die Kapitalgesellschaft & Co KGaA eine reizvolle Gestaltungsalternative für expansive, mittelständische Unternehmen dar. Hier existiert eine börsenfähige Rechtsform, die durch starke ...

22,04 EUR*
Details Travels to the Edge: The Photo Odyssey

Travels to the Edge Travels to the Edge is the newest book from internationally acclaimed photographer Art Wolfe. Wolfe has personally selected his 100 favorite images of majestic glaciers, expansive deserts, teeming rainforests, remote mountain peaks ...

474,81 EUR*
Details FLIR 1000 A Strommesszange mit VFD und Bluetooth, 1 Stück, CM85

VFD Mode provides superior accuracy for working on VFD-controlled equipment;Advanced power efficiency and harmonics measurements for system level performance analysis;True RMS DMM functionality features reliable performance and expansive ranges;FLIR ...

23,49 EUR*
Details Growing Up Global: Economic Restructuring and Children's Everyday Lives

Growing Up Global "Brilliant and intimate. The book is an eloquent rendition of the expansive spatial abstractions and mimetic revolutionary re-imagination it proposes." -"Social and Cultural Geography" "Growing Up Global" examines the processes of ...

22,99 EUR*
Details With the Wide Hive Players (Vinyl) [Vinyl LP]

LARRY CORYELL With The Wide Hive Players (2011 US 9-track vinyl LP picture sleeve. Well-known for his driving tone and intricate flurries Coryell delivers intense performances atop solid and expansive grooves established by the The Wide Hive Players ...

29,40 EUR*
Details Capitalism and Freedom: The Contradictory Character Of Globalisation (Anthem Studies In Development And Globalization)

Capitalism and Freedom In this remarkable, expansive text, Peter Nolan explores the impact of the domineering economic phenomenon on our personal and social liberties. Full description

25,85 EUR*
Details Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes

Foreword by MATT FRACTION. Afterword by BARRY LYGA. For 50 years, the Legion of Super-Heroes has occupied its own, vital corner of the DC Universe - and comics fandom. The Legion's expansive cast, bizarre characters, futuristic setting, extended ...

14,31 EUR*
Details Tall City, Wide Country: A Book to Read Forward and Backward

Tall City, Wide Country Tall City, Wide Country invites young readers to pack their bags for a journey from a rural environment to an urban landscape. Enjoy panoramic illustrations of broad cows, expansive sunshine, and seemingly endless horizons ...

13,33 EUR*
Details For the Beauty of the Church: Casting A Vision For The Arts

Think of your local church. Without art--music, song, dance, etc.--it would be a much poorer place. But if protestants have any vision for the arts, it tends to be a thin one. This unique book is an attempt to contribute to a robust, expansive vision ...

35,00 EUR*
Details The Beauty of Holiness: The Caroline Divines and Their Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)

The Beauty of Holiness: The Caroline Divines and Their Writings offers an expansive and detailed portrait of the continued maturation of Anglican theology and devotion in the central half of the seventeenth century. The Caroline Divines have long been ...

26,29 EUR*
Details Courts Liberalism And Rights: Gay Law And Politics In The United States and Canada (Queer Politics, Queer Theories)

Courts, Liberalism, and Rights Presents the view that the courts offer the best chance for achieving a set of rights for gays and lesbians, particularly those courts whose judges draw on the expansive interpretation of liberalism. This book guides ...